The Little Rock Air Force Base Compatible Use Study is under development by the Compatible Use Study consultant team in coordination with the City of Jacksonville and under the guidance of two steering committees (a Policy Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee) with input from the general public. More information on the Policy Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee can be found under the “Partners” tab above.

Public input is critical to the Compatible Use Study and the community will have multiple opportunities to provide information, ask questions, and provide comments. Public meetings will be held throughout the Compatible Use Study process to inform the community of the study’s progress and to seek input for the deliverables. Public meetings will be identified on this page when information is available.

The first town hall public meetings will be held as follows:

Jacksonville Community Center
Tuesday – January 7, 2020

Sherwood Forest Conference Center

Wednesday – January 8, 2020

These meetings will include an introduction of the Compatible Use Study concept and process to the community and the public will be invited to participate in a live Compatible Use Study Survey. Public insight through the Compatible Use Study Survey will be included in the Compatible Use Study deliverable report.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them on the Little Rock Compatible Use Study Facebook page, or contact the team at:

Robert Price
Director/Project Manager
Jacksonville Economic Development and Cultural Alliance
(501) 681-2288