Little Rock AFB

The 19th Airlift Wing (Air Mobility Command) is the host wing for Little Rock AFB and provides mission ready Airmen and supports the largest C-130 fleet in the world. As part of AMC’s Global Reach capability, the wing’s responsibilities range from supplying humanitarian airlift relief to victims of disasters, to airdropping supplies and troops into the heart of contingency operations in hostile areas as well as supporting base partners as the host unit. The video below provides an overview of some of the Little Rock AFB missions and partners.


A strong regional economy requires collaboration and planning, and is best achieved through partnership and cooperation among Little Rock AFB and community stakeholders. Military activities have an enormous positive impact on the regional economy surrounding Little Rock AFB, supporting thousands of direct and indirect jobs and generating millions of dollars in economic activity and tax revenue annually. According to the FY 2016 Economic Impact Statement, Little Rock AFB is the 7th largest employer in the state of Arkansas and provides more than 10,000 combined installation and indirect jobs, supporting a local economic impact of approximately $469 million. Military spending supports local communities as military and civilian personnel spend wages on goods and services produced locally, while pensions and other benefits provide retirees and dependents with a reliable source of income.

Little Rock AFB seeks collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders with opportunities for mutual benefits for the economy and other outcomes. Collaboration strengthens connections between the installation and communities, enhances community goals and implementation efforts, and fosters compatible land uses that protect military operations. Little Rock AFB has an active community partnering program for central Arkansas that considers and develops programs of shared interest to increase the economic resources and capacity available for things like municipal services, operation and maintenance of facilities, and expanded research and development.